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  1. Picture Thread

    Hey guys, I decided to start a picture thread of photos I take and any of yours. I am still learning and improving slowly with every time I attempt at it, but here is what I got so far. I would be more than happy to attempt at shooting one of your bikes if you would like, free of charge. I just would love to get more pictures of different bikes and just to meet you guys in person.

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  2. I also got two pictures of liltribute's bike. They arn't that great because we didn't go out anywhere just in front of his house, but hopefully soon we can get something more sexy of his "boner" bike =)

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  3. the first one is tight
    i love pics of traffic lights like then when you leave the shutter open for a few seconds. works wonders for firework pics too.
    we should both take pics and edit them. what software do you use?
    i only have photoshop cs3 extended
  4. Hey Steve, That sounds like a plan man. That photo I actually photoshoped lol. The bike was in the back of my subdivision, then I googled New York images and found that shot lol.

    I actually use several programs. First I combine the HDR inside of Photoshop CS3 extended, then I throw the hdr into Dynamic-Photo HDR and do all the hdr stuff in there. Then I throw it back into photoshop and do any final touches, color modifications etc.

    Yeah the shutter is a badass thing to play around with.
  5. haha thats funny.
    but ya we should ride to some cool spots and take some shots.
  6. Do you know of any nice shots? I like the idea of night shots more than day, but the trick is to get some beautiful light play going on?
    Let me know if you want to go out sometime, I cannot really do anything during weekends due to my wife wanting to spend quality time, but during weekdays any day/anytime goes. I am self employed so I can move my schedule around very fast.
  7. i honestly dont know of a lot of photo shoot places, just moved here last august and just got my bike last feb. but im sure we can find somewhere.
    what do you shoot with?
  8. I use a Canon EOS Rebel XT. My camera is a tad old, but it does the trick. I had issues with noise when I would do 3 shots for HDR, but I noticed if I do like 8 shots, its perfect lol. Yourself?
  9. im rollin with a canon 50D
  10. dont led Zed6E in this thread...he has it out for canons.....haha
  11. Okay, your camera seriously rapes my camera haha!
    Thats amazing man, you should get some really badass images!
  12. thanks, i try. i will post a couple of stuff, prolly not bike related, and mostly just lazy edits
  13. THROW THAT SHIT IN HERE! I don't care if you steal my thread, Hell, we can just make this a picture thread haha
  14. ok nothin too fancy tho haha just a sec
  15. here goes nothin....

    here are a few shots from my fellow paintball friends at one of our practices:





    here are some randoms:


  16. here are some 4th of july:



    and my ride:

  17. Wow, your camera is amazing on action shots, I really like the movements. Also like that blue helmet part :)
    Your focus on the camera is also a lot better than on mine lol. Nice pix amigo :D

    Your bike is beautiful also, btw, on those firework shots. Did you just take a picture with the shutter open and while its taking thats when the firework flew up and blew? Because it seems like you captured the whole process lol.

    Also question, on the bike shot, how did you photoshop out the background so clean? Is there a trick to doing it or did you go by hand and select the bike only?
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  18. ya on a tripod, shutter speed was about 2.5 seconds i think, and i just snapped it right before the firework went off, so basically yeah it got the whole blooming process.

    thanks btw.
    i have lots of actions shots that could prolly be made into one long sequence lol
    action is my fav. thing to shoot.
  19. What would be cool is to grab like 10 shots of a bike going around a cornor, and assembling them as if its a animation only in one image.

    Here is an example.

  20. i could do that.
    i can do 6.5 frames per second, so i can capture a lot of action

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